Film to be shown in Berkeley on July 18th 2008
-- Dona Spring, Courage in Life and Politics --

Movie Preview about Dona (3 mins)

The film, completed in July of 2007, is about Dona Spring sometimes called the “Conscience of Berkeley”, who also happens to be the longest elected green party member in the United States (over 16 years on the City Council of Berkeley).

Among many others, the film shows Dona on TV shows, such as, Oprah Winfrey, Bill O’Reilly and CNN debating the worst elements of the status-quo. Also, Dona is shown with Ralph Nader, Al Gore and Barbara Lee and many local activists.

Dona has been the best vote on the council for environmentalists, peace activists, safe food activists, animal protection advocates and disabled advocates.

The film is 70 minutes and is available at the Main Library in Berkeley, also if you need a copy for institutional or private use, please send an email with "Dona Spring DVD" in the subject line through the following form: